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Tue-Thu: 4p - 9p*
Fri: 4p - 10p
Sat: 12p - 10p
Sun: 12p - 8p
Mon: Closed
*Final Hour is by appointment ONLY

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What are the axe regulations?

We follow the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF) Rules and Regulations for our axes. This is to provide an even playing field as well as ensure safety. Axe heads must be between 1.25 lbs and 1.75 lbs Handles must be wood and be at least 13 inches long, including the portion in the eye of […]

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What other perks come with the League?

Along with the 7 weeks of competitive axe throwing, you also get:   $5/half hour practice in dedicated league lanes any time 50% off Throw bookings, for your whole group Bring your own axe (as long as it meets our regulations) Throw Big Axe Joining a Community of axe throwers Chance to compete in Playoffs […]

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How much does it cost to join Leagues?

Leagues are $120 for 28 matches of regulation play, which typically takes 7 weeks to complete. Receive discounts with entry into multiple leagues seasons or purchase a league pass. Passes provide discounted entry into multiple seasons.

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Do only Pros join the league?

Nope!   We accept people of all skill levels to join. And with the amount of matches you get, you’ll be sure to improve. We do have some leagues, like our Thursday Premier League that plays with more challenging rules, but even that is open to all

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