Can I bring in catering?

Due to space limitations, catering is only allowed when hosting a Buy-Out Event with us. Tourney Events or similar do not have enough space to bring in anything beyond small snack items. If you are hosting a buy-out, we’re more than happy to provide a list of reliable caterers.

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Do you serve/allow food?

We do not offer prepared food, but our bar has some pre-packaged items (chips, crackers, candy, etc.). Due to limited space at the bays, we only allow outside small snack items . If you would like to bring in catering, inquire about an Event. We do not allow any outside beverages. For more info, please […]

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Do you serve alcohol?

We have a bar that serves a collection of local craft brews, as well as staple items. We offer beers, ciders, seltzers, and a small selection of wine. You can order at our bar before your booking, or make an order with your coach while in bay. With a wide variety of beer on offer, […]

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